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5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free

The kitchen might be your favorite place for a quick snack, but did you know it’s also a pest favorite? There’s nothing worse than coming face-to-face with your unwanted housemates, but Ideal Pest Control is ready to prepare you with the necessary steps to keep kitchen pests at bay.  Put Your Food Away It’s tempting to leave out that ravioli for when...

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What Climates Do Termites Thrive In?

Termites are found in all states except Alaska. Termites can do significant damage to a building before anyone knows they are there. The climate of Georgia and other subtropical southern states is ideal for termites, with high humidity, ample rainfall and abundant food sources. Georgian homeowners spend between $200 million and $300 million every year on...

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What Attracts Flies to Your Home

They might not top most people’s lists of insects to worry about but ask anyone who has had them in their home, and they will tell you: an infestation of flies is nothing to take lightly. They can be annoying, sure, but more than that they are incredibly hard to eradicate, and one fly soon leads to dozens more if you’re not careful. As with any...

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Rodent Infestations & How They Affect Your Health

Most homeowners know the harm rodents can cause to their house. As they seek warmth, sustenance and suitable conditions to set up their nests, rodents help themselves to your stored food and cause structural damage to your house. They can rip into your insulation to use in their nests and chew through the electrical wiring and wooden frame of your house....

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5 Benefits of Commercial Pest Control for Your Company

Professional pest control for your commercial property comes with many advantages, especially employees and clientele. Not only does it keep your customers from encountering unsightly bugs and vermin, but it also provides your workers with the environment they deserve. Best of all, no one at your business needs to do the dirty work. Everything is handled...

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How To Rid Spiders From Your Basement

Cut spiders off at the pass by preventing them from entering your basement in the first place.  The most prevalent types of spiders found in basements are the Brown Recluse and the Wolf Spider. Both of these types of spiders should be avoided at all costs because they pack a venomous bite which can cause severe medical problems to a human or pet if bitten....

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Pests You Will See in Georgia This Spring

Spring in Georgia brings with it not only the sun and warmth but also the arrival of various pests that can make their way into your home. From rodents, mosquitoes, to termites, these common pests can be troublesome and cause serious damage to your property. One of the biggest challenges is how these pests find their way into your home. At Ideal Pest...

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Tips to Prevent Spider Infestations During Winter

Spiders can be pesky during any time of the year, depending on where you live. Spiders can live in most climates, so no matter where you live, chances are that you will experience spiders in your home or commercial space. Spiders can be especially pesky during winter because they are looking for shelter from freezing temperatures. Here are some tips to...

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Are Pest Control Treatments Safe During Pregnancy?

Unwanted pests in the home can lead to headaches due to the destruction they cause and costly repairs. Having them removed can be a challenge, especially when you handle them on your own. But with the harsh chemicals that are used to treat pests, you may wonder if it is safe for your family, especially if one of your family members is pregnant. Certain...

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Effective Ways To Keep Drain Flies Out of Your Kitchen

If you’ve ever had drain flies in your kitchen, then you know what a nuisance they can be. What starts out as one small, irritating bug quickly turns into dozens and dozens of tiny, irritating flies ready to fly out of your drain and pester you at the slightest provocation. No matter what you do, they stay there for weeks and weeks until one day, like...

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